Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Fifth Note from Kohima releases debut full- length Album

Fifthnote Album Art Here We Are

The long awaited and much anticipated debut Album of Fifth Note was released globally by the Frontier Music SRL, Naples Italy on December 8. The Album consists of 11 songs and a bonus track exclusively for Japan.
Track list: 1. Rider; 2. Always Love You; 3. Dreamer; 4. Fantasy; 5. I Won’t Give Up; 6. Here We Are; 7. Misfortune; 8. Falling Apart; 9. Confused Trauma; 10. Drifted; 11. End Time’s; and 12. Here We Are (Acoustic Version for Japan).
One may buy and listen the full-length album on https://www.frontiers.shop.
Based in Kohima-Nagaland, Fifth Note is a new signing band from the Italy based Frontiers label. The group was started in the middle of 2019 evolving from the original foundations of a Christian themed band, and also, they draw most of their musical influences from the secular Progressive Metal and classic old school Hard Rock genres of music. While Progressive Music can run the risk of being self-indulgent, Fifth Note manage to offer a sort of primal urge in their music still offering very catchy melodies and a very polished sound
The band lineup has Samuel Thapa as the Vocalist, KhriekethozoSekhose (Gugu) as the Guitarist, JubitoSwu (Jubi) on the Bass, RüüvolieKire (Avolie) on the Drums and Sheduto Kezo as the Keyboardist.
The band is managed by Kiredilie Kire and run all affairs of the band with Metsive Kezo as the Media Manager.
In a press statement by the band manager, Kire expressed gratitude to Infinite Records, The Big Old Sun, Headlights, Shehü Production, Out Loud Inc, Auto Kings, Music Gym, Chromatic Clef and Well-wishers for the success of the album.
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