Saturday, July 13, 2024

FIFA punishes more than 50 nations for bad behaviour


LAUSANNE, November 2: More than 50 nations have been punished for bad behaviour in recent internationals, FIFA said on Monday, though most fell far short of the two-match fan-ban on Hungary already announced.

A list of rulings by the disciplinary committee of the governing body of world football included the details of Hungary’s punishment for racism by supporters and breaches of security including smoke bombs and blocked staircases in matches against England and Andorra.
Hungary have been hit with two home matches behind closed doors, one suspended, an away match without travelling supporters, and fines totalling 281,000 Swiss francs (266,000 euros).
Albania, Mexico, Panama also have to play home matches behind closed doors while Polish fans are banned from one away game.
Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Montenegro, Peru must all play games with “a limited number of spectators”.
Argentina also received a warning because their match against Bolivia kicked off late and were fined 30,000 Swiss francs, in addition to the fan ban, because of the “discriminatory behaviour” of fans when Uruguay visited.
Andorra were among seven teams fined for amassing yellow cards after they collected six against England.
Other punishments include a 2,000 Swiss-franc fine for world champions France because supporters were not wearing masks during the 1-1 home draw with Bosnia-Herzegovina in early September in Strasbourg.
Kazakhstan were fined because fans displayed a banner for Second World War soldiers from the Soviet Union who fought for the Nazis.
Moldova was punished because a drone interrupted the national anthems before the match against Austria.

Many of the other fines were for objects being thrown or fireworks let off or other, unspecified, “order and security” offences. (AFP)