FFSI asks govt. to support film association to promote film culture; FAN gets FFSI affiliation


Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) vice president and Asia-Pacific Secretary for International Federation of Film Societies, Premendra Mazumdar today urged upon the state government to support the Film Association of Nagaland (FAN) in order to promote film culture in the State.
He was speaking during the function marking the affiliation of Film Association of Nagaland (FAN) with FFSI held at the Art Gallery in RCEMPA Jotsoma here today.
Mazumdar said that despite being a very modern form of art, filmmaking was a bad thing for a very long time.
In the past it had been a tedious job for film makers but with the digital boom everything has changed, he said, adding that films to be screened today are simply brought in a single pen drive while it can also be easily watched online through various mediums.
He said that cinema is a form of art on which everybody can give their view from ordinary persons to critics, as well as social media platforms but what matters is whether one is competent to understand the form of art being highlighted.
Expressing that cinema is basically a text and should be understood by all, he encouraged the filmmakers in Nagaland to create film knowing viewers.
Mazumdar also announced the official affiliation of FAN with FFSI.
Meanwhile, Mazumdar said that FFSI aims to propagate film culture and promote better cinema by showcasing films and organizing film festivals.
In this, he opined that the state government should support the film societies to propagate good film making and film culture without which the private associations and societies alone cannot sustain.
Earlier, an overview of FAN, Wabang Moa said the association currently has 56 members and has been engaged in various activities to promote film production in the State.
FAN member Gracy Chunjanglu moderated the programme wherein seven short fiction, documentary and feature films were screened including From Khovrino Russia by Daria Bena Dashunina, Goodnight Colombo Sri Lanka by 9 directors, Far-away India by Nidhi Taneja, Silence Bangladesh by Amitabh Reza Chowdhary, Sincerely Yours Dhaka by 9 directors, Karbala Memoirs by Sourav Sarangi and When the Earth sang a song by Teenaa Kaur were screened during the day. (Page News Service)