Monday, November 30, 2020
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Fear of the unknown

With people, across all age groups, fully conscious about the COVID-19 pandemic, the word ‘Coronavirus’ should literally be the most abused word, in usage both spoken and written. It is as difficult time for everyone, as difficult as it is to dissociate from talking or sharing about it. Every second message, image or video clip that we share has information or updates about the virus. In this matter, a thought of it is amidst even in performing hygiene practices in daily routine.
Eight straight days of lockdown has impacted everyone and with the mayhem created around about Coronavirus, children are fighting their own battle, if not affected the most. They are at lives stage wherein maximum space is required to spend as much time outdoors doing every mischief possible and learning from mistakes they commit…. Privy to such a global phenomenon in their tender age, made more evident by staying from school, could impact them in a big way. Unassumingly, children are also aware of the ongoing predicament so rather than stigmatizing the virus it is advisable to make them fully aware about it and the precautionary measures that needs to be practiced. If they relate to the situation better they would probably take to the preventive measures positively and not as imposed obligation.
Another section of people gravely feeling the chills of the cold wave would actually be the workforce who accounts for the running of the State’s economy i.e., the daily wage earners. Sadly they do not wait for a bank statement, instead earns to survive each day….Nagaland government, with the exploits of whatever little ration are in store, should be able to contain them for the remaining days of lockdown…Situation, at the moment, is the lull before the storm and what could get more challenging is the response after the stipulated lockdown period..! What if lockdown persist or what if normal routine functioning is curbed…??
Apparently a lot of money is flowing in to generously handle any eventuality arising out of COVID-19. While countries, or for that matter states within the country, have committed assurances of unconditional security cover amid the lockdown; Nagaland on the other hand has milked enough Moron’s whose geed is insatiable and who would not think twice to make the most of a given opportunity. It is understood that monetary assistance being sanctioned for the aggrieved will only reach a handful. So whilst combating the virus, plans should be in place on how best to tackle likely imbroglio occurring. Cases of riot, looting of supplies, vigilantism, carefree congregation in public places, etc.. are already emerging.
Though, amidst all the commotion, it is encouraging that residents are getting themselves tested to ward off any suspicion or likelihood of being a carrier. And with test kits, having been made available, results can be confirmed earlier and hence lesser trauma for the patient too. For that matter if Nagaland had zero case prior to sealing of borders and imposing of travel embargo, we should be optimistic about remaining free of coronavirus. However, to ensure foolproof virus free atmosphere, it is necessary for the government to ensure random checking of as many residents possible. The masses should also participate positively and not exhibiting unbecoming conduct and abide by the advisories. Even as with laid down timings, the process of inching steadily towards normalcy has begun and, with no cases found and with borders remaining sealed, Nagaland could observe lockdown, not indoors though but within the confines of the State borders.
May God Almighty give us strength and sense to overcome our toughest test yet…
Vincent Patton, Kohima

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