Faulty system


Education entails gardening of a human being to make his life supportable with the attaining of proficiency and dexterity. It is the basic human necessity of human life in the present changing world and as a result, everyone is ardent to learn and educate himself, equip oneself with the knowledge to face the challenges of life. Everybody has now realized that only through the right type of education, standard individuals and all-inclusive society can be created. To achieve better goals and better results, an idyllic system of education is needed to ensure an objective and all-encompassing training of mind, body and soul of our progeny. Right now, there has been a general feeling among educationists, thinkers and leaders that there is something off beam in the system of education in Nagaland. This is a hard fact that the present predicament in our education is because of social growth and as a matter of fact, more and more people have way into the modern techniques of attaining knowledge and education. The increase in population and the simultaneous awareness among the masses has created an ever widening gap between the opportunities and the seekers of learning. Perceptibly, there is a need for a far more broad development in the opportunities of education and training facilities, to ensure a proper balance. Unfortunately more value is being attributed to quantity rather than to the quality. There has been a burgeoning growth of institutions in the State to gratify the growing population of the aspiring youth but there has been also incredible decline in the quality of education because less attention is given to career-oriented education. Why other countries and particularly, the western countries of the world, are ahead of our system of education is due to the fact that they very early observe a child or student in their institutions of learning and find out his area of interest and passion? While picking up the idea, they shove the student towards the same field and consequently, we find that they are able to produce the best bureaucrats, politicians, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and sportsmen. But here in our State, such a policy and planning of education is missing in school education as well as in higher education system. A student here is not provided proper counseling to choose his area of specialization. He wants some particular area of study to pursue but his teachers and parents propel upon him something else. If a contender of education desires to hunt a particular profession in his life, it is our duty to steer him or her properly towards that goal. But our institutions vacillate on this front and, therefore, the confusing state of affairs in our institutions has not enabled us to produce the best teachers, doctors, engineers, civil servant and scientist. Or we can put across the hard fact that excepting a few or less, we have not been able to produce the standard and balanced personalities in our society. Our State needs to mull over the fact that we need skilled workmen who are beneficial and profiting for the State which of course will increase our economical standards also. There is no certification that obtaining school or higher education is going to place one properly in today’s world of competition. Good grades, which by today’s standard is a signal for an educated individual, to get a good job, but alone good grades are completely iniquitous indication of how a person will perform under the pressure of the real world. Instead of looking at a person’s grades during an employment interview and deciding whether that person is eligible for a particular position, it ought to be examined whether the person is capable of taking any challenge. In order to find the real talent of a person, he may be allowed to know his position in the workplace. It is necessary that teachers are buoyant to challenge students to reach their full potential, rather than least ability. Unfortunately, we believe in purging and tracking of all students to challenge, rather than just those who are gifted. Indeed the educational system here is inadequate in meeting the standards whereas our counterpart states have made much advancement in the case. Our education system does not possess a standard for goals, curriculum, or regulations and is regulated by states which implement their own curriculum, set their own targets and have their own requirements. The fact is that we have subordinated our outlook and are not providing objective and career-oriented education to our future generation.