Saturday, June 19, 2021

Farmers trained on scientific beekeeping

Dimapur, March 15: The All India Coordinated Research Project on Honey Bees and Pollinators, SASRD, Nagaland University, Medziphema conducted a one day training programme themed “Scientific Beekeeping for the farmers of Nagaland” on March 14 under the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) at School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development, Nagaland University, Medziphema. Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. T. Lanusosang, Medziphema Campus inaugurated the training in presence of Dean, Prof. AK Makar, Head of Department, Entomology, Prof Aleminla Ao, Beekeepers from Dimapur district and scientific staff.
Prof T Lanusosang stressed on pollination by honey bees as the most important aspect of bee keeping while acquiring by products of a hive such as honey, wax etc. for upliftment of a farmer’s livelihood.
Prof. AK Makar, Dean, NU: SASRD encouraged the farmers to sincerely take up beekeeping as a profession. Prof. Aleminla Ao discussed the need to adopt scientific beekeeping for increasing honey production and quality. Prof. H. K. Singh, Scientist in-charge, AICRP (HB&P), Dept. of Entomology, delivered the welcome address and also emphasized on the scope of bee keeping in the region.
The inaugural function was followed by technical sessions with focus on scientific beekeeping. Prof H K Singh, Scientist in-charge, AICRP (HB&P) focused on basic apiculture requirements for scientific beekeeping. He stressed more on pollination services of honey bees.
Team members from Nagaland Beekeeping & Honey Mission (NBHM) served as the resource persons and demonstrated the bee keeping equipments to the beekeepers in scientific manner. The participants were later given a hands-on training on handling and management of scientific bee keeping on Apis cerana, Apis mellifera and stingless bees in the AICRP(HB&P) apiary by scientific staff of AICRP (HB&P) and NBHM team.
After the training, the beekeepers were given scientific bee boxes for taking up scientific beekeeping. (Page News Service)