Friday, January 22, 2021

Farmers trained on Pigeonpea cultivation at Ghotovi

Dimapur, June 1: ATMA Dimapur, Niuland Ghotovi Block conducted demonstration on cultivation methods of Pigeonpea (UPAS-120) at Ghotovi Village on May 29.
Dr Lawrence Kithan, Scientist Agronomy, AICRP on Pigeonpea, SASRD: NU Medziphema spoke on the benefits of growing pigeonpea both as a grain and legume plant for fixing nitrogen in the soil. He advised the farmers to maintain depth of sowing of 5 cm for proper germinationas well as adequate spacing to reduce competition for nutrients.
In the programme, adequate physical distancing was maintained and pigeonpea seeds of UPAS-120 variety were distributed by DemaluHasnusa BTM, Niuland Block along with COVID-19 safety kits and pamphlets containing precautionary methods to 32 farmers present. (Page News Service)