Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Famine of truth in Naga society: SC Jamir

Jamir FCAI

Dimapur, February 7: Former Governor of Odisha, Dr S C Jamir today implored the young people of the State to bring peace, prosperity and advancement in Nagaland. “That should be our determination and our goal,” he said.
Speaking at the “Kairos”, a programme at ICFAI University here, Dr Jamir emphasized on quality education and knowledge, stating that “knowledge is power, so is skill development.”
He called upon the students to learn skills in this fast changing world where they have to keep abreast of times.
“Unless you keep yourself with these changes, you will be left behind,” he reminded the students.
Explaining the genesis of the Nagas and Nagaland state, the only living signatory of the 16-Point Agreement said that the hallmark of Naga people is that they want to have several identities and because of this Nagas have to make supreme sacrifices both in blood and tears.
He informed the students that the 2nd World War brought changes all over the world, particularly in colonial parts of the country. He said Nagaland was part of the revolution and they realized that they have to safeguard their identity and participated in the freedom movement.
“Under military regime, Nagas had to suffer unheard of by the world and in that gloomy period, there was nothing but blood and blood,” he said adding in order to redeem and salvage the hopes and aspirations of the Naga people, the 16-Point Agreement came into being, which ultimately gave Nagaland state.
He said that Nagaland state was purchased by the precious blood of Naga people and it was not a gift. He appealed to the younger generation that they have to live up to the expectations of their forefathers, who lived for the state.
Dr Jamir said people want Nagaland to be united, strong, progressive and prosperous where people would feel that they belong to a state where they can raise their head high.
However, he lamented that the situation at present is not conducive and said, “Our people have failed to understand what is the truth. There is tremendous famine and scarcity of truth.”
Observing that there is a trust deficit among people today, he wondered what has happened in the last one decade in the state. He said the authority which was instituted, the elected government have abdicated the legal constitutional authority.
Questioning as to what has retarded the progress of the state, the former Chief Minister of Nagaland said the crux of the problem is that there are too many governments and too many prime ministers in the state.
He said if educated people want to start business, it is killed on the very day as two-three groups turn up to collect taxes.
He said it requires very serious thinking, especially the young people should be very closely watched. He also stressed on suggesting steps to remove the obstacles.
Terming ‘honesty’ as another burning issue, he said no one dares to speak the truth because Damocles’ Sword is hanging over him. “Now Churches, NGOs, leaders etc. have been cut down by fear psychosis…we are in tremendous confusion,” he added.
Touching upon the progress of the Naga political talks, Dr Jamir said that with the signing of Framework Agreement on 3rd August 2015, the issue of sovereignty has already been dropped and now the issue would be resolved within the Constitution of India, minus sovereignty.
He also said the overground people should appreciated the sincere efforts of the undergrounds.
Earlier, the welcome address was delivered by Vice Chancellor, Dr C P Alexander. (Page News Service)