Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Famine of truth in Naga society: SC Jamir


Kohima, August 24: Former Odisha Governor, Dr S C Jamir today said there is a famine and scarcity of truth in Naga society and called upon State leaders to show the way.
Speaking at the Kingdom Leaders Prayer Breakfast at De Oriental Grand here today, Dr Jamir said, “There is a famine and scarcity of truth in the Naga society as people don’t want truth and have deviated from the truth, because of which the Nagas continue to suffer”.
As an elder person and five times former Chief Minister of Nagaland, Jamir said “we the leaders have to feed the people with truth and reality.”
Nagas were known to be truthful, upright, courageous and hardworking people but where has all this values gone, he asked. “We are indeed at a very critical and crucial time,” he said.
Jamir said Nagas are praying for a kingdom with peace, unity, harmony, prosperity and economic development as its characteristics, where there will be no inequality but only justice for all.
“But Nagas are standing in a very shadowy border line unable to decide where to go,” he said.
The former Governor of Maharashtra, Goa and Odisha, therefore, said the present Naga leaders of the State, including the Government and civil society, must recognize the problem before it becomes an emergency. He called upon them to have a vision to understand the future and translate the vision into action.
On the kind of leadership needed for the trouble torn State like Nagaland, he said there is a need for a Biblical role model leadership quality of Nehemiah among the Nagas as he was honest and trustworthy despite being the cup bearer in the palace.
Jamir said that though Nehemiah was in a very comfortable palace and enjoyed every status but he didn’t forget his people He said that a leader which ever status one attains should not forget his own people.
Stating that as leaders one has to sacrifice comfort, seek God’s blessing, humble oneself and personally look into the problems of the people, he lamented that the entire system in Nagaland has collapsed.
Opining that Nagaland has replicated two things from the Bible story on Tower of Babel, he said firstly those people who built Babel forgot the creator and God was angry because of which division and disturbance came among them. Secondly, he said, their language was also divided and there was disunity.
In this, he recalled that under the leadership of yesteryear leaders Naga people were one and their goal was one. But today, he lamented that Nagaland has replicated the Tower of Babel which has given rise to multiple groups, multiple authorities and multiple taxation.
The multiple authorities have adversely affected governance, he reminded.
“We leaders of Nagaland, who are elected under the Constitution of India and have become part of the administration, we have abdicated the Constitutional authority to illegal and unconstitutional groups, who have taken all negative advantage,” he said.
He said that Constitutional authority is sacred as the elected representatives have taken oath of elegance in the name of God and should be upheld. He said as leaders they have to decide priorities, which is to give the people good roads, proper power connectivity and drinking water.
Lamenting that Naga leaders are obsessed talking of the past, he said today is with us and if we do good today, tomorrow will be fruitful and yesterday will also be honoured.
Naga people were known to be honest, hardworking but today it is otherwise, he said, adding that if is only through hard work of the people that we can reform Nagaland into a land of peace, prosperity and progress.
Founder of Leaders’ Arise Nagaland, Apostle Rev Lhouliehou Yimsung spoke on the seven mountains of influence which would help build a better society. They are – Government, religion, business, education, media, family and arts, entertainment & sports.
A special prayer for the leaders was also offered with Kohima Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship president Rev Kevichalie Metha pronouncing the benediction. Chairman of Kohima Village Council, Dr Neiphi Kire extended greetings on the occasion.
Host of legislators, including NDPP minister, NPF MLAs and political party and church leaders attended the Kingdom Leaders Prayer. (Page News Service)