Wednesday, October 4, 2023

False growth

It is apparent that Naga society doesn’t excel in the things it should, but we definitely do a great job when it comes to passing judgments. We judge people and situations by what they appear to be and don’t even bother to check out what they actually might be. It is indeed unfortunate that today what is posted on social media is taken as gospel truth. For some people it is their favourite past time. Indeed, in our society, we are judged on the basis of clothes, status, colour and other petty things. In our society, mysteriously, if someone looks innocent, he is innocent for sure and if someone looks guilty, he is definitely guilty! We take things at their face value. But we all know that face doesn’t guarantee what kind of a person one is. Sadly today we have failed to understand this one simple thing. While commuting, we find it okay to pass remarks for and against the passersby despite having no knowledge about them. No wonder the unwarranted comments and unsolicited remarks characterize our social life today. Poking nose in every matter and putting finger in every pie has become a habit with some of us, and to get rid of it is obviously a Herculean task. Today the sycophants among students become favourites of their teachers and the opposite of this category are labeled as born losers by the concerned builders of nation. The question here is should we accept what is happening in the society or make conscious efforts to change it for the better? Perhaps we need to let go of our false ego or ideology for the time being and at least give a chance to each other to look deeper into our community united. At present, the situation here looks calm and the society is moving at a fast speed to make up for the years lost during turmoil. The ‘moving forward’ or ‘changing mindset’ is not bad but the speed at which we are moving forward can be too dangerous and fatal to the whole community. We seem to have forgotten that relationship based on mutual respect, commitment, trust, care, and unconditional positive regard, provides a vehicle for the healthy change process. Yes, it is our birth right to rebuild our lives, reconstruct our institutions and re-start our infrastructure. It is also our responsibility to do this job in a very systematic and balanced way. However, the means by which or the speed at which it is being done is beyond anybody’s comprehension because it has been creating more chaos and confusion in the society. There is mad race of competition for buying and selling at every shop and offices which have defaced the geography of our towns/cities. Our society is marching without a sense of time, phase or system with only and one motive: to become rich overnight. We are aware that those economies which tried to transform overnight have usually ended up in disaster. This is because there is no point in having false growth. Buying cars or building houses on bank loans is in fact a “borrowed economy” with long term implications on the nation as a whole. On the surface, the society looks vibrant with so many activities going on throughout the state: seminars on various issues, foreign and national delegations visiting the state, etc. These are signs of an alive society. However, can anybody vouch that this vibrancy is leading us towards peace and prosperity without losing our social and economic balance? Honestly, this development without proper check and balance gives one the creeps and there seems every reason to believe that it might lead us nowhere. Power, development and economic prosperity is a birth right of every citizen and every nation. But if it is not measured against time, space and speed, it can cause more harm than benefit. We cannot be an exception to this rule; development needs proper check and balance, and it should bring peace and comfort to, not add to the discomforts of, the common man.