Friday, April 23, 2021
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‘Exploitation of children happening in Christian homes’


Dimapur, July 30: Director of Prodigals’ Home K. Ela on Tuesday said that there are absolutely good and generous people in the state who genuinely take care of the children they take the responsibility of, who are not their own, but the number of this tribe is very small comparing to those who are out there exploiting them and these are happening in Christian homes.
Sharing her experience with the issue of human trafficking in the local context during the observance of “World day against trafficking in persons” here, Ela disclosed over the years she has come across cases of children being sold for Rs 500 and more and domestic helpers committing suicide to escape abuse. The cases reported are very few comparing to the exploitations going on in the name of education and more where even the entire identity of the children are changed, she added.
She said that while people may claim Nagas are Christians and caring, most of the perpetrators in such cases are Christians.
She also commented that Nagaland might not be having brothels, but there are hotels and lodges which are being run for the same purposes and the owners of these establishments are also Christians, who pay the ten tithes using the ‘dirty money.’
Further, she showed concern about the way random and unsafe migrations that are happening in the state in which young people flock to big cities putting themselves in tremendous risk of being trafficked.
Tsepila Zhimomi, Operation Supervisor, Training & Talent Management of YouthNet said that YouthNet is very particular when it comes to sending out the youths outside Nagaland as they understand the need of the safety of them and therefore they are only sent to hospitality sector in five star hotels as they have a repute to maintain.
She maintained that prior to sending the youths out, they are trained, sensitized and screened and once they are sent out they are traced once in a month to ensure their safety and well being.
She said that YouthNet understands unemployment is an issue in the state, they are but also concerned about the safety of the people and therefore they don’t send out people always and declines employment offers time to time.
Journalist from Eastern Mirror, Henlly Phom Odyuo who is also the General Secretary of Dimapur Press Club in her speech mentioned that often the data relating to human trafficking that is being publicized through the local media are not investigative but are what the responsible authorities share and many a times the police and NGOs are not comfortable enough to share details with the media for various reasons.
She pointed out that it is generally perceived that human trafficking translates to prostitution, which isn’t the case and trafficking can take various forms and there is a need to understand it.
She assured that media is there to work for the society and it should be reached as media has the power to decimate information and create opinion, admitting at the same time that the local media hasn’t done enough to bring out the stories of human trafficking yet.
Relo T. Aye, ADCP Crime in his address said that human trafficking is not gender specific and it is a reality. He added that villages are now depopulating as the youths are leaving them in search for better lifestyles lured by what they see on the internet.
Gracy Aye, State Coordinator, State Resource Centre for Women in her speech said that the churches are now taking initiative in this regard, while maintaining that in many cases the most vulnerable are not reached through such awareness programmes.
Co-ordinator of Miqlat Ministry Alole Tsuhah described the functioning of Miqlat Ministry and how it tries to bring the church and victim close to each other. She said that when a community and church supports a victim, it creates a great impact. She also asked the people to support those working for the trafficked victims as well as the importance on equipping the vulnerable.
Previously, delivering the keynote address, former General Secretary of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation’s Rev. P. Bonny Resu talked about the menace of trafficking in the world based on the Biblical context and that how the issue is new to the state. He asked people to unite against it and not dare to think that it would not be affecting them as sooner or later and directly or indirectly they are going to be effected by it.
The moderator of the session, Vitono Gugu Haralu stated that people in Nagaland are yet to understand the issue of human trafficking and through the practice of child adoption, the issue is much prevalent.
Organised by Miqlat Ministry, which is a part of Women Department of NBCC, under the theme “Stronger Together,” during the occasion a short movie on human trafficking created in collaboration with Dreamz Unlimited was also premiered which would be made available on YouTube soon. (Page News Service)