Expedite peace process, says PAC, tribe hohos

Expedite peace process, says PAC, tribe hohos

Dimapur, May 11: A meeting of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) with the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) legislators and tribal hohos on Friday strongly urged the negotiating parties of the Indo-Naga political dialogue to expedite the peace process and bring the negotiations to a logical conclusion through a political solution that is inclusive, honourable and acceptable to the people whilst upholding the unique history and political rights of the Nagas.
The meeting endorsed the wish and desire of the people for early solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political imbroglio and the aspiration of the masses for lasting peace, which will pave the way for progress and development. The house was of the opinion that 21 years of ceasefire and dialogue is more than sufficient for the negotiations to be concluded in an acceptable manner.
The meeting also appealed to all sections of the people to come together under a spirit of unity and oneness in order to strengthen the peace process and create an atmosphere that is conducive to make the implementation of the peace accord successful for ensuring growth and development.
While appreciating the positive approach of the NNPGs, the meeting appealed to all the other Naga national political groups to come together under the spirit of unity and join the political negotiations in the greater interest of the people. It further appealed to the NSCN (K) to return to the negotiating table and restore its ceasefire with the Government of India to enable an all-inclusive peace process and work towards an early solution in the interest of alla Nagas.
Expressing gratitude to the Government of India, NSCM (IM) and the NNPG working group for the sincere efforts made in the peace talks, the meeting also appreciated the stand of the State Government to pave way for any alternative arrangement that may come about as a result of the political solution.
The meeting held in the State Banquet Hall was attended tribal hoho leaders of Angami Public Organisation; Ao Senden; Chakhesang Public Organisation; Chang Khulie Setshang; Konyak Union; Khiamniungan Tribal Council; Lotha Hoho; Phom People Council; Puchury Hoho; Rengma Hoho; Sumi Hoho; United Sangtam Likhum Bumji; Yimchungru Tribal Council and Zeliangrong Baudi. (Page News Service)