Friday, July 30, 2021
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Expedite construction of PMGSY road: ZSUN


Dimapur, November 5: The Zeme Students’ Union Nagaland has urged the PWD (R&B) PMGSY to execute and expedite the PMGSY Road in Nsong and Kebai-Khelma area without any delay this season, failing which the union will resort to any activities in claiming its rights and will hold no responsibility to any untoward happenings.
In a release, the ZSUN lamented that in spite of various ultimatums served, the contractors and department concerned have turned a deaf ear and abandoned the construction work of PMGSY road under Peren District vis-à-vis Jalukie Ahthibung Road, Khelma to Ikiesingram – contractor M/s Jordan Construction, Lalong to Nzauna – contractor Akhriu & Co. and Ngam to Lalong – M/s Regency Construction as per the undertaking (contractors of incomplete PMGSY PH-VIII Projects no. CE/PMGSY/WO/2008-09.PRN-3, Dated Kohima the 3rd March 2012).
The union said it had asked the contractors to complete the work in time and with mutual respect had urged various stakeholders to resume and expedite the construction work at the earliest but due to the lackadaisical attitude of the contractors and department towards the two areas (Nsong and Kebai-Khelma), the work has not been completed. “The road condition is deteriorating, causing inconveniences and ‘nightmare experience’ to the people. The hope of PMGSY Road which is the cry of the people to see new dawn is still in vain,” it said.
The ZSU, in this regard, questioned the contractors and concerned department as to why the two areas are totally ignored.
The union also expressed shock that PDCSU had demanded NIT to immediately cancel the Tening-Letkie road measuring 37.50 Kms under NEC or face litigation.
The union reiterated that any individuals, groups or parties disrupting or causing blockage to development in the area will be taken as against the development of the areas and the union will not entertain such incident in its jurisdiction. Any individuals, groups, or parties trying to sabotage developmental works will be held responsible and dealt accordingly as per the law of the land, it warned.
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