Saturday, May 18, 2024

Exit polls predict landslide victory for BJP in Gujarat, edge in Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi, December 5: Exit polls on Monday predicted a big majority for the BJP in Gujarat while most of them gave an edge to it in Himachal Pradesh, indicating re-election of the ruling party in both states.
However, two exit polls showed a dead heat between the BJP and the Congress in Himachal Pradesh where results could go either way.
The counting of votes in both states will take place on December 8. Elections for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly took place on November 12, while polling in Gujarat happened in two phases on December 1 and 5.
Most exit polls predicted a big mandate for the BJP in Gujarat in the range of 117-148 seats in the 182-member Assembly, while the Congress was predicted to bag seats in the range of 30-51 seats. The Aam Aadmi Party was projected to bag anything between three and 13 seats. The majority mark in Gujarat is 92.
In Himachal Pradesh, the exit polls projected a range of 24-40 seats for the BJP and 26-40 seats for the Congress. The AAP was projected to bag seats in the range of 0-3. The majority mark is 35 seats.
According to the News X-Jan Ki Baat exit poll on Gujarat elections, the BJP was likely to get 117-140 seats, Congress-NCP 34-51, AAP 6-13 and others 1-2.
Republic TV P-MARQ predicted 128-148 seats for the BJP, 30-42 for the Congress-NCP, AAP 2-10 and others 0-3.
TV9 Gujarati forecast that the BJP would get 125-130 seats, Congress-NCP 40-50, AAP 3-5 and others 3-7.
For Himachal Pradesh, Aaj Tak-Axis My India predicted a close contest between the Congress and the BJP. It said the BJP would get 24-34 seats and the Congress 30-40 seats.
India TV predicted that the BJP would bag 35-40 seats, Congress 26-31 and AAP zero.
News X-Jan Ki Baat survey said the BJP was likely to get 32-40 seats in the hill state, Congress 27-34 and AAP zero.
While Republic TV P-MARQ predicted that the BJP would get 34-39, Congress 28-33 and AAP 0-1, the Times Now-ETG said the average seats BJP was likely to get was 38 and the Congress 28.
For the Municipal Corporation of Delhi polls, most exit polls predicted a huge win for the AAP over the BJP with the Congress a distant third. (PTI)