Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Exhibitions, trade fairs, cinema halls allowed to open with full capacity

Nagaland News

Dimapur, March 19: The Government of Nagaland has issued new SOPs for preventing the spread of COVID-19 with relaxations to many events.

According to an order issued by the Chief Secretary, exhibitions/trade fairs/fairs are allowed to open subject to strict adherence to the provisions, as applicable of the SOP for preventing the spread of Covid-19.
Swimming Pool have been permitted to open subject to strict adherence to the strict adherence to the provisions of the SOP.
Theatres/Multiplexs/Cinema Halls are permitted to open with 100% of their seating capacity.
Social/Academic/sports/entertainment/cultural/political/religious functions and congregations are permitted outside the containment zones.
The events are allowed in closed spaces with up to 100% seating capacity and with wearing with face masks, maintaining social distancing, provision of thermal screening and use of handwash or sanitizers, being mandatory
SOP for passenger vehicles:
The state Government has permitted all vehicles to operate with up to 100% passenger capacity in the state.
According to an order issued by Chief Secretary, in both private and commercial passenger vehicles, everyone including the driver, attendants shall mandatorily wear mask at all times. No passenger shall be allowed to travel without mask worn correctly.
In no case, any vehicle would carry more than the total seating capacity and that there should be no standing passengers in any vehicle.
All passenger vehicles would mandatorily maintain daily log book of all travelers with name, phone and date of travel.
Hand sanitizers would be carried at all times and all passengers must sanitize their hands before boarding.
According to the order, the vehicles must be washed daily and disinfected periodically.

In view of all the categories of passenger vehicles being now allowed to carry up to their maximum capacity, the RTAs/DTAs would revisit the existing fares/rates and consider revising them downwards suitably, if there were enhancement made earlier on grounds of restrictions on passenger capacity in the vehicles, the order stated.
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