Thursday, May 6, 2021

Executive Council meet of CNCCI underway

Nagaland News

Dimapur, April 20: The 3rd Executive Council Meeting of the Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry is underway here at Hotel Saramati with the members of Assam Chamber of Commerce as special invitees.

Speaking on the first day of the 2-day programme, CNCCI chairman Khekugha Muru said that it was a historic day for the two states as while the trade and commerce between the two states has been going on since the time when barter was the medium of exchange, never did the two communities visited each other in the official capacities.
Muru hoped that the meet would not only usher progress for the two states but for the entire region and would prove to be an eye-opener for the rest of the region’s business communities to emulate and further strengthen the ties among the northeastern state, making the region an economic powerhouse for the nation.
“Today’s meet is also a celebration of age old friendship and relationship that two states have shared since time immemorial (sic),” he said.
In his speech he also highlighted the activities of the district units during the lockdown and how being part of the District Task Forces the units not only provided financial and material support but also “went upto the extent of putting life at risk serving the people at an equal footing of the frontline workers.”
He lauded the efforts put by the different units to make the state plastic-free and urged all to keep on the good work.
Representing ACC, secretary general of the chamber, Sisir Dev Kalita said that in the present context jobs are not available both in the public as well as private sector and the pandemic has also forced companies to scale down and it is time to realize that entrepreneurship is the way out.
Kalita suggested that when a child reaches the age of 16/17 years, he/she should be made aware of entrepreneurship so that by the age of 25 years, he/she can establish himself/herself conveniently as an entrepreneur.
Giving a brief introduction of ACC, Kalita said that it was formed by 7-8 people in the year 2007 after a blast at Fancy Bazar and it has presently 33 district units and 11 lakh members of which 22% comprises of women.

He also proposed the formation of a common platform for all the states in the region so that problems in the region can be addressed better citing that the problems faced by the entrepreneurs here are different from that of the mainland.
Two members from each district unit, except Tuensang and Longleng, are representing their respective units in the 2-day meet which will conclude on April 21. (Page News Service)