Friday, March 5, 2021
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Excessive extortion putting traders on ‘ventilator’: AMK

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Condemns assault on LPG drivers
Dimapur, July 20: The Angamimiapfü Mechü Krotho (AMK), the apex body of all Angami women, has expressed concern over the plight of business communities over tax demand by miscreants and extortionists, while also taking strong exception to the recent assault on LPG drivers by miscreants.
“AMK, the apex body of all Angami women, rue that business communities are often subjected to harassment by perhaps known groups masquerading as miscreants and extortionists demanding heavy tax on someone sweat and toil. The rampant unabated tax collection has gone to its lowest ebb of not even sparing small time entrepreneurs whose dignity of labour to survive has been put to jeopardy by some bunch of crooks and hooligans,” said a press release issued by AMK vice president Alebu Sanchu and property secretary Atole Khatso.
Stating that the excessive spree of “countless groups of extortion” is putting a section of the business community “into the ventilator”, the AMK urged the State machinery to wake up from slumber and play the role they are expected in an established democratic set up.
“The extortion menace plaguing the Naga society need to be totally wiped out as it is one way or the other way of affecting the cycle of existence,” it stated.
The AMK said the two recent assaults on LPG drivers by miscreants is another glaring incidents of utmost insanity which is uncalled for in a society that affirms its faith by the principles of Christianity, the AMK said many unaccounted cases go unreported because of fear of repercussive consequences.
It also expressed concern that persons booked for extortion and other relevant charges go scot free after 5-10 days of serving sentence even when they are charged for offences with imprisonment of more than 5 years as prescribed under the law of the land, the AMK asked if this continues, the faith on the justice delivery system is at stake in as much as it badly reflects the chaos in an administrative set up.
Government needs to do justice to the faith reposed on them by the citizen of the State. Extortion, illegal taxation and other unabated collection need to be reined in to bring back civility, harmony and normalcy in the society, it said.
Strongly supporting the All Kohima Indane Distributor Association (AKIDA) in their legal battle against miscreants constantly disturbing the peace and tranquility of the society, the AMK also requested AKIDA to resume LPG services to the public on humanitarian ground. (Page News Service)