Ex-UEFA chief Michel Platini released, says he is at ‘peace’


Paris, June 19: Former UEFA chief Michel Platini was released from custody by the French Police early on Wednesday. No charges were brought against the former number 10 of Les Bleus after almost 15 hours of questioning, reported news agency Associated Press.
“I have always been at peace because I feel totally foreign to any of these matters. This is an old case, you know it, we explained it. I have always expressed myself with full transparency in all the newspapers. That’s it, it goes on, they investigate, they search,” said Platini after his release.
“A lot of noise for nothing. There you go, very long questioning. Michel Platini gave his testimony by answering as sincerely and precisely as he could, to all the questions put to him. I would remind you that he was heard 18 months ago as well, as a witness in a free hearing. We do not consider in any way that Michel Platini can be considered a suspect in any way, either yesterday or today or tomorrow. So it’s a done deal for us,” his lawyer William Bourdon said. (Agencies)