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Ex-PAN calls for immediate solution to Naga political issue

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KOHIMA, JUNE 5: The Ex-Parliamentarian Association of Nagaland (Ex-PAN) has called for an immediate solution to the protracted Naga political issue solely determined by the outcomes of dialogues between the Government of India (GoI) and the Naga negotiators.
The appeal of Ex-PAN was made as part of the resolution unanimously adopted during its Executive Committee meeting at Dimapur yesterday stated a release issued by its president Joshua Sumi and general secretary Supongmeren Jamir here today.
The negotiations between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) and the Working Committee of 7 NNPG to the Naga Political Issues are in its 25th year, and whereas investment of 25 years on the political negotiations is more than enough for the Nagas to have its logical end, they said.
“The facilitators including the Core Committee of Naga Political Issue (CCONPI) of the UDA ministry may have to be cautious enough either for over indulgence or under indulgence in respective facilitations with specific reference to unwarranted and irresponsible comments tending to mislead the general public in the media condemnable”, Ex-PAN said.
Ex-PAN also stated that “if at all the GoI uses the service of the Chief Minister of Assam in the business of mediation we may have to unavoidably accept him, if otherwise the involvement of the Chief Minister of Assam in the political negotiation at the behest of the CCONPI is uncalled for”.
The Naga Political Issue is not an issue of law and order nor can the CCONPI undermine it, they said.
The Naga negotiators entered into the political negotiations with the GoI on their own volition with the objective of resolving the issues existing between the negotiators, they said.
The Ex-PAN therefore urged the Naga negotiators in particular to be practical and realistic rather than rhetoric in persuasions.
The indefinite negotiations are of too exploitive and detrimental to the welfare of the general public and therefore unacceptable, they said.
The Ex-PAN also upheld the negotiations which concluded on October 31, 2019 between the GoI and the Naga negotiators while also asking that “the GoI must give the alter call at the earliest to that the Naga Political solution becomes a reality”.
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