Friday, June 21, 2024
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EVM Dictatorship

The people have to decide if we should continue with EVMs and live under an EVM dictatorship. No advanced nation now trusts EVMs anymore. It is outdated. Since the Hon’ble Supreme Court has rejected the removal of EVMs and ECI continues to defend EVMs, the public need to take a decision politically. India is no better than Myanmar. We all know the Military Junta did not allow democracy to rule. Ours is an EVM dictatorship. People do not elect anymore. No voter can identify if one’s vote has been actually recorded as intended. Transparency and satisfaction is our right.
Shri. LK Advani rightly termed EVMs as an “Electronic Victory Machine” in 2009. Why is BJP allergic to people talking about suspected EVM manipulations? What do they fear? Why do they fear Ballot Paper?
The Indian Elections are no longer predictable. The issues and crowds are no longer indications, especially in the Cow Belt. This has happened in the 2019 Lok Sabha, 2022 UP election, and 2023, 5-State elections. In 2019, one BJP Union Minister from Bihar was not allowed to enter into his constituency but won with a thumping lead of 3 lakh votes. This time, Congress candidates in MP secured just 50 votes in his Village. In over 20 Polling Stations, Congress secured a “0” vote. This was expressed by Shri. Kamal Nath President of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee.
EVMs could be replaced by EVM technicians. EVM technicians are deputed by ECI. Therefore, ECI is in control over every polling station. EVM numbers for all polling stations are declared by the Returning Officer on the day of scrutiny of candidates. While this is argued as a measure of ensuring transparency, it also enables the exact identity of EVMs which can be then targeted for manipulation. Thereafter, EVMs are at the disposal of Technicians to input Candidates’ names and symbols, till they are released to the respective Presiding officers. They prepare duplicate EVMs for replacement in case of failure. These spares could be easily used to replace the recorded votes. Manipulating 5-10% duplicate is enough to defeat or elect. Storing polled votes in the strong room for weeks and months is prone to manipulative attacks. On the day of counting, EVMs are released by Technicians. We never know which could be the real one.
K. Therie
Former Minister