Evangelistic Men’s camp held


Dimapur, October 11: The Koinonia Baptist Church held its Evangelistic Men’s camp from October 3 to 7 on the theme “…let us rise up and build, then they set their hands to this good work” Nehemiah 2:18. The camp director was Neibalie Kiewhuo and Assistant camp director, Vizosul Sachü and Yantsao Tsopoe, the praise and worship was led by the Men’s praise team. The speakers were Rev Zotuo Kiewhuo, senior pastor, Medotseilieü, pastor, Neibalie, pastor, Rokopra Mekro, Asst pastor, Menuosielie Evangelist , Zashekho Hibo. evangelist and Ruokuotuo, evangelist.
The groups were divided into Isaiah: Yahweh is salvation, Jeremiah- Yahweh exalts and Ezekiel- God will strengthen. 112 persons attended the camp.
Attendees of the camps were delivered from alcohol addiction and substance abuse, many rededicated their lives to be good fathers for the Lord.
(Page News Service)