Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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ENPO to observe ‘Peace Foundation Day’ on Nov 20


Dimapur, October 29: In the interest of the welfare of the public of Eastern Nagaland and to facilitate sound socio-economic development and human resource development and to live in peaceful co-existence amongst the brethren of 6 tribes, the public of Eastern Nagaland under the aegis of Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) today resolved to observe a ‘Peace Foundation Day’ on November 20 at its headquarter, Tuensang with Governor of Nagaland as chief guest.
The decision to observe ‘Peace Foundation Day’ is based on the principle of understanding which reads: “That, any internal issues, land disputes, tribal issues within ENPO jurisdiction i.e., within the 6 tribes, Chang, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Phom, Sangtam and Yimchunger shall be localized, confined within the parties involved and resolved within the concerned group through peaceful dialogue henceforth.”
The ENPO today reaffirmed and upheld the 18th December 2017 Tuensang resolution that there should be no bloodshed, threat, intimidation or any form of violence within ENPO jurisdiction. The public of Eastern Nagaland has been entrusted for strict implementation.
The house also reiterated the 29th September 2005 Longleng resolution for the security and safety of Eastern Nagaland leaders that there must be no violence in any form such as killing, kidnapping, physical assault, threat, intimidation, undue disturbance etc on the ENPO leaders, tribal leaders, frontal organization leaders and on innocent public by any armed cadres.
It further resolved that Eastern Nagaland region cannot be used as battle ground by any armed group(s) in the event of any unfavourable situation that are anticipated. Public of Eastern Nagaland should be well informed by the respective tribal bodies in order to take necessary pre-cautions.
Meanwhile, the main programme of the proposed Peace Foundation Day will be held at Tuensang where all tribal presidents, 20 ENLU members and frontal organizations will be present. The programme will also be held in all 6 tribal headquarters. On the same day, the 18th December 2007 resolution will be reaffirmed. (Page News Service)