ENPO reaffirms demand for Frontier Nagaland State

ENPO reaffirms demand for Frontier Nagaland State

Dimapur, June 13: The Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) has unanimously reaffirmed the resolution on the demand for ‘Frontier Nagaland State’ as adopted on 25th May, 2007 at Tuensang Hq. A memorandum for demand of Frontier Nagaland State was also submitted to the Government of India primarily through the Union Home Minister, GoI on 6th December, 2010.
In a special general session cum felicitation in honour of 20 elected legislators on June 12 at Tuensang Town Hall, the ENPO based on 24th August, 2012 ENPO-Mon Resolution No. 9 affirmed that the public of Eastern Nagaland shall continue to firmly reject any form of economic package both by the Centre and State other than a separate assembly, separate administration and capital of its own.
The ENPO also unanimously reaffirmed the 18th December, 2007 Tuensang Summit Resolution that there should be no bloodshed, threat, intimidation or any form of violence within Eastern Nagaland jurisdiction. The ENPO said it shall not extend any public co-operation to any group(s) for non-compliance of the above.
ENPO new team
Meanwhile the ENPO team for the tenure 2018-2020 will be lead by President – Kekongchim Yimchunger, General Secretary – Manlang Phom, Vice Presidents – W. Bendang Chang, Hosea Konyak, Setsacho Sangtam & Hangting, Secretaries – Sipong, Tingyuh Konyak, Makhezho, L. Shillem & M. Tsalise, Finance Secretary – C. Bendang Chang, Finance Committee – Kamlong Phom, Selitong, L. Mongba, PM Nokpai & P. Shingya, Information Secretary – Akiu Yimchunger, Treasurer -Dr & Dr Longai Phom (Kohima), PKF Tochu (Dimapur), TT Chongshen (Tuensang), Advisors – Khoiwang Konyak, Metpong Phom, MP Noksang, Sashi Naga, and 60 CEC members (10 from each tribe). (Page News Service)