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ENPO demand genuine, NPCC repeats

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Dissociates from former President’s remarks

DIMAPUR, APRIL 1: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has distanced itself from its former President K Therie’s statement on ENPO demand for Frontier Nagaland and has reiterated the party’s support to what it called a “just movement”.
“Recent discourses in the public domain on the ENPO’s demand for Frontier Nagaland Territory, including the press statement issued by K Therie, former Minister and PCC President, on March 31, 2024, has necessitated the reiteration of our stance on the issue”, read a statement issued by NPCC.
In his statement, Therie had termed the ENPO’s decision to “boycott” the Lok Sabha elections an extreme step, a breakdown of the Constitution and a black chapter in the history of Nagaland’s Statehood.
However, the NPCC maintained that its former President’s comments were a reflection of his personal opinion and should in no way be construed as the party’s position.
“As far as our opinion is concerned, we strongly believe that the demand of ENPO is genuine and we are totally behind them in this Just Movement.
“We stand behind them in the realisation that this demand of theirs is the result of a history of serious grievances, and is coming from a place of drastic trust deficit. The fact that successive Governments during the last decade or so in the State as well as the Centre have managed to only widen the dissonance with their complete lack of empathy and abject political mediocrity can’t be emphasised enough”, it stated.
According to NPCC, even as it acknowledges the merits of the concerns raised by a section of the political class regarding the manner and style of intervention adopted by ENPO, it also recognises the lack of viable platforms available to them to escalate their demand within the ambit of conventional democratic norms.
“We had time and again underscored the perils of promoting a governance system built on the premises of a plan that doesn’t accord adequate space for the opposition bench, and this we believe is one of the major reasons for the ENPO’s current choice of agitation.
“We believe that as far as this issue is concerned, all stakeholders have had their say and come up short, and that the only way forward to ensure a closure that keeps the dignity and aspirations of our sisters and brothers from ENPO areas should be one where their voice takes the sole and final call”, it stated.
The NPCC requested the Government of India to accept the demand put forth by ENPO and refrain from taking any steps that are in contravention to spirit of the ENPO resolutions.
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