Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Engineers should be ‘asset creators’: FONSESA


Kohima, August 23: Naga engineers should be committed in their assigned responsibilities towards creating assets for the development and progress of the State and regain the rightful place of being ‘asset creators’.
The clarion call was made by Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Service Associations (FONSESA) vice president, Limanaro while delivering the presidential address during annual conference of the association here Friday.
FONSESA is the apex body of all the constituent association of engineering departments including all engineers serving in different departments and organizations under the Government of Nagaland.
She said the society ought to look up to the engineers as those who create assets for the State, which adds to the comforts of the public, but today, the society looks down upon engineers as those who create problems and difficulties in the form of liabilities, overdrafts, financial mismanagement, etc.
She said members of FONSESA should be determined to reverse this trend and opinions to gain the rightful place in the society.
While the Government ought to delegate authority to the engineers commensurate with the responsibilities entrusted to them, she however lamented that all the delegated powers have been systematically stripped off, apparently for being undisciplined on matters of financial management and negligence of duty and hence considered not trustworthy.
“Let us try to be more committed and truthful to the responsibilities assigned to us to get the rightful place in the Government,” the FONSESA vice president said.
FONSESA aims to provide a common platform for discussion and exchange of views among engineers on various problems with a view to improve and maintain the proficiency in public services and to build up sound tradition and practices for engineers, she said.
Expressing that engineers play an important role in developmental works, she said policy making for any developmental work without technical guidance is not perfect.
The role of engineers and technocrats in nation building has been recognized time and again and there can be no denial to that fact, she said.
Limanaro therefore said the level of responsibility and accountability of Engineers is very high and critical to the development of the State.
FONSESA also aims to address issues to maintain and uphold all the rules and regulation, code of engineering practices in the working system of the engineering departments and safeguard the service career of the members of the federation, she said.
Retired Chief Engineer of PWD (National Highway), R Temsutemjen Aier said using innovation, creativity and a wealth of knowledge, engineers are making a tremendous impact on the advancement and improved lifestyles of mankind.
Maintaining that engineers are the group of people mandated to implement various developmental works of the government in various sectors, he said it is their responsibility to ensure that equitable and sustainable development is effected everywhere at all times in all possible manner.
He also emphasized on the need to adhere to professional responsibility and engineering ethics be it safety and welfare of the public, environmental responsibilities, quality aspects or professional ethics.
On the infrastructure scenario of the State, Aier said there is a lot that needs to be done.
Agreeing to the fact that things cannot be changed overnight, he said there is a need for all to start working towards improvement of the few prime requirements and realize that it is the responsibility of engineers to provide good connectivity, adequate and sufficient electricity and water supply and improved communication system so as to improve the living conditions of the people including those in the remote parts of the state.
Speaking as special guest, retired chief engineer PWD (Mechanically), F Putsure called for unity among the engineering wings of the different government departments and proper planning in order to achieve the goal of creating assets in the State.
He also encouraged engineers to get in to administrative jobs which help in delivering better service to the people with their inclusive technocratic knowledge.
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