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Engineers directly contribute to the well-being of society: Metsubo

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KOHIMA, JULY 22: Nagaland Minister for Rural Development Metsubo Jamir, while maintaining that engineers directly contribute to the well-being of society, today said they work primarily in innovation either designing a brand new product or improving an existing one.
These engineering innovations go on to make our lives easier, more comfortable or productive, he said.
He was speaking as Special Guest on behalf of the Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, who left for Delhi, at the inaugural session of 2-day Indian Engineers Federation (North East Region) (INDEF NER) Mid-Term-cum Annual Council Meeting hosted by Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Services Association (FONSESA) at Hotel Japfu here today.
The continuous contribution of engineers to make life better for the world is well recognized and appreciated by one and all, he said.
In this modern world, he said it is impossible to imagine a life without the machineries, systems and gadgets that have become a part and parcel of our daily life. “We take all these for granted but all of these would not be here to assist us had it not been for engineers who designed and produced them”, he said.
The conference being Northeast-based, the Minister said India’s Act/Look East Policy places the Northeastern States on the territorial frontier of India’s eastward progress. The North-East region is strategically located with access to the traditional domestic market of eastern India, along with proximity to the major States in the east and adjacent countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar, he said.
With Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) engagement becoming a central pillar of India’s foreign policy direction, Northeast States play an important role as the physical bridge between India and Southeast Asia, he said, adding that the Northeast has immense natural resources, accounting for around 34% of the country’s water resources and almost 40% of India’s hydropower potential.
The announcement by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Stitharaman for the execution of several rail, road and air connectivity projects worth Rs. 1,34,200 crore in the Northeast the main objectives of which are to help in bringing the rest of India closer to the Northeast and vice-versa, he said.
In particular, the Northeast region is in a central point of development and progress, however the region lacks in so many essential developmental activities, he said.
This is further compounded by the topography and climate which are impediments to progress which require special methods and inputs to overcome such problems to bring about development to our region, he said.
In this, the Minister encouraged the Indian Engineers’ Federation (NER) to ensure that the local- felt needs must be taken priority over everything else.
With the rapid progress in technological advances, present day engineers must necessarily ensure to protect the environment and nature that has been rapidly degenerating due to the growing population and demands of a better life by human beings in the general quest to progress, said Jamir.
“It is necessary that innovative systems that you generate and infrastructures which are created must ensure that our environment is not only protected but also improved to benefit our natural environment and natural resources”, said the Minister.
Meanwhile, INDEF NER reiterated the 3 core demands, including heading and manning of technical Government Departments by technical personnel, removal of disparity in carrier values of engineers vis-à-vis administrative services and constitution of National Engineering Commission.
The reiteration was made by INDEF NER president PuraTupe while delivering the presidential address.
Elaborating on its demand for heading and manning of technical Departments by technical personnel, he said the Secretariat-Directorate model in Technical Departments will accelerate the working system with quality monitoring of technical projects.
The appointment of Technical persons as Secretary/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary in technical Departments will remove all delays in view of growing manifold activities of Technical Departments.
On removal of disparity in carrier values of Engineers vis-à-vis administrative services, he said that though Engineers play pivotal roles in development, they are not getting the due status and pay benefit like that of the officers of Administrative services.
He highlighted that it has been placed by INDEF to the Central Government as well as Pay Commission to redress the issue to keep parity between Engineers and Officers of Administrative Services in regards to Status and pay benefit.
Demanding the constitution of the Engineering Commission, he said INDEF, an all India body of service Engineers and technical officers of the Central Government, Union Territories, all State Governments and undertakings appealed to constitute an Engineering Commission to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on March 11, 2005.
“We have been representing before the Government of India since 1995”, he informed.
Indian Engineers Federation general secretary Paluk Sharma also exhorted the gathering and sought the support of the State units and INDEF NER towards the achievement of 3 demands, which has been submitted to the Prime Minister.
FONSESA president K Hutoi Sema delivered the welcome address while FONSESA Secretary General MezivilKikhi proposed the vote of thanks.
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