Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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ENCSU opposes suspension of Edu Honours course from Wangkhao College


Dimapur, May 29: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has opposed the decision of the College authority for suspending the Education Honours course at Wangkhao College under Mon District.
The Union said instead of implementing and supplementing new facilities to the institution, the Colleges authority have suspended on the ongoing Education Honours background which had been implemented since decade years ago. There are many students from poor background who cannot afford to study honours subject at other places and are dependent on this College at Mon District.
The ENCSU questioned the state Government and the Department of Higher Education as on what ground the college authority directed the notification and why the state Government failed to appoint sufficient lecturers at Wangkhao College.
It also sought clarification from the government on the suspension of Education Honours course from Wangkhao college.
The Union further asked the state Government and the Department of Higher Education to look into the matter immediately before the students resume the classes, adding that if any problem arises with the students, the state Government would be held sorely responsible.
It also asked the state Government to take action against those professors of Eastern Colleges who has attached in other colleges or Directorate.
The ENCSU also warned the state politician not to involve with the professors or lecturers once appointed as per the norm and condition of state guidelines.
It asked the present Government to immediately streamline all the attached professors in Eastern jurisdiction to their respective posted department. (Page News Service)