Thursday, April 22, 2021
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ENCSU opposes students’ scholarship in installments


Dimapur, August 17: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has opposed the State Government and the Department of Higher Education for the statement of scholarship to be release on installment basis for the years 2017-18.
On the PMS, the ENCSU stated that unlike last year, PMS for 2016-17 which was misused by state government and delayed for many months until ENCSU intervened and led to disbursement on installment basis. However, this year 2017-18, the ENCSU would not accept for the disbursement of Scholarship on installation basis, until and unless the Department come up with official notification from the central ministry of tribal affairs, it said adding, ENCSU firms stands to release full scholarship at one go.
The ENCSU also cautioned the Department and Government not to restraint the administrative function without any sitting directive from concern portal in proper channel.
ENCSU expressed that the same issue would not rise again when the things is already manage in stable position.
ENCSU urged the Department and the Government to understand the problem face by and work accordingly for the welfare of students.
Stating that the ENCSU is very much concerned for the well-being and promotion of students community, it said the Union is also well aware of what the department and the Government had served for scholarship issue last year.
“So, if the Department and the Government is on process to release the scholarship on installment basis even this year’s, then ENCSU compelled to turn up with official notification from central Ministry. And if the Department fail to hear the voice of students, the Union will not accept the scholarship on installment basis,” the ENCSU said and requested all the students to be on high alert on disbursement of scholarship in an installment basis which is not competent in the system of students’ scholarship. (Page News Service)