Sunday, August 1, 2021
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ENCSU opposes appointment of contract teachers


Dimapur, February 20: While appreciating the State Government, Department of Higher Education and the concerned minister for immediate response of Wangkhao College students’ demand and giving assurance to address the matter within 10 working days, the Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has strongly opposed the decision of the Department of Higher Education for appointment of contract teacher at Wangkhao College.
In a press release, ENCSU president, M Longre Chang and general secretary, WanGnei C Jessuhu said the union is totally against contractual appointment system for colleges in Eastern Nagaland.
The union is firmly against any hiring or contingency system of contract teachers’ appointment in eastern colleges and the ENCSU will not consider such types of practices in eastern colleges, the release said.
ENCSU was of the opinion that such contract appointment will affect the students’ community and create more problems in education sector. It urged eastern students to be alert and aware of such appointment of teachers.
The ENCSU rather asked the State Government and the Department to look into existing lecturers in some colleges and the attachment at Directorate, Kohima and Dimapur “for better functioning of education system”. It urged the Government and the Department to rectify and reshuffle the assigned post and deploy the teacher where there is shortage.
It highlighted that shortage of lecturers is not only in Wangkhao College but all the four Government colleges in Eastern Nagaland are suffering due to shortage of teachers in all subjects.
The ENCSU also questioned the Department as to why the Department was not aware of shortage of lecturers in Wangkhao College when the semester exam is just near.
At the same time, ENCSU also demanded the Department to immediately provide college principal at the earliest as some colleges is functioning without principal.
The release urged the Department to instantly fulfill the genuine demand of Wangkhao college students and Eastern colleges for the welfare of students community. (Page News Service)