Monday, March 1, 2021
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ENCSU issues ultimatum to Govt on BT reservation


Dimapur, June 26: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has issued a 5-day ultimatum to the Government of Nagaland seeking fulfillment of its demand on Backward Tribe reservation in the Department of Higher Education.
In the ultimatum to Nagaland Chief Secretary, the ENCSU highlighted the Cabinet Office Memorandum notification Dated 5th July 2018, Agenda No. 7, on creation of 120 posts under Higher Education Department. It alleged that the department appointed 7 posts (Joint Director – 2; Deputy Director – 2 and Assistant Director – 3) out of 120 posts in the department without any official notification, which the union said directly discriminated the BT quota.
The union said the claim of the Department that the 7 appointed officers were done through posting and transfer against new post creation “openly violated” the condition of clearance given by the P&AR Department.
In regard to ENCSU representation dated 26th September 2018, the union said the Department replied that recent-designation of 7 posts and transferring of officers to the re-designated
posts in the Directorate was not a case of fresh appointment. But ENCSU claimed that “this is directly fooling to backward tribe for open discrimination.”
On the department’s reply to an earlier memorandum that that the 7 posts were filled on the basis of promotion and transfer and not on the basis of direct appointment, the ENCSU alleged that the department’s reply is an attempt to “brainwash and openly deprive” BT reservation quota. It also alleged that the department openly violated the minutes of Manpower Rationalization Committee (MRC) page No.3 mentioned under points 3 (ii) (c) as recommended; and it also violated the Department Service Rule for not setting up of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) while appointing the 7 posts in the Directorate.
The ENCSU urged the Chief Secretary to take necessary action on the issue within 5 days from today (June 26) failing which it would be compelled to take its own course of action in matter of BT reservation under the Department of Higher Education. (Page News Service)