Monday, April 12, 2021

ENCSU backs ANCSU’s stand on land encroachment

Dimapur, August 17: The Eastern Nagaland College Students Union (ENCSU) have unanimously decided to back the students movement initiated by the All Nagaland College Students Union (ANCSU). The union expressed deep anguish over the current imbroglio involving the students’ community.
The ENCSU felt the ANCSU’s stand is genuine and should be pursued in all circumstances for the sake of students.
It expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which the state government has handled the whole issue. Meanwhile, the union regretted that some people (government officials and politicians) with vested interests are toiling to divert the actual cause. The union reminded those people to look beyond their lofty tables for once and act morally.
Stating that the genuine grievances of the students raised by the ANCSU is for the interest of students community and the state of Nagaland at large, the ENCSU pointed out that the land encroachment issue was taken up in total consensus and coordination with the ENCSU officials as they are equally concerned over the issue since it is not only happening with Kohima Science college, Jotsoma alone but the same case has also been a matter of concern for the ENCSU in various colleges across the Eastern Nagaland.
It said ANCSU and ENCSU would raise the land encroachment issues of all the government institutions. It had to be started with Kohima Science College, being the premier institute in the state, it added.
The Union demanded that the state government protect the land of all the Government Colleges in Nagaland to avoid any future untoward consequences on the same. The ENCSU felt, the education sector particularly state owned has been taken for granted for too long.
Meanwhile, the ENCSU expressed shock and dismay over the ultimatum served on the President of ANCSU, Katho P Awomi by the Jotsoma Village Council (JVC) that appeared in some local dailies.
While expressing respect for the people of Jotsoma village, the union mentioned that as much as the issue of Kohima Science College land encroachment issue concerns the people of Jotsoma village, the larger interest is the students of Nagaland who are the future of the Nagaland.
Stating that ANCSU/ENCSU has never been against a particular group/village or community in the past, t said it it cannot afford to be so now or in near future.
It termed it unfortunate that the JVC being an elderly and matured platform instead of using elderly wisdom to correct/guide/advice the students’ community, have resorted to cheap intimidation and threats siding with vested interest individuals and parties.
The ENCSU said such unqualified statement is totally uncalled for and definitely not in tune with the past actions of the JVC. (Page News Service)