Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Empty grounds ‘a slap in the face’ of PDA Govt: Cong


Dimapur, January 26: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has termed the total boycott of Republic Day celebrations across Nagaland by the people of the State as “a slap in the face” of both the PDA Government in the State and the BJP Government at the Centre for disregarding the voices of the people against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).
“Entire NE States are in turmoil due to blatant attitude of BJP to push through CAB that is now pending in Rajya Sabha,” said the State Congress in a press release.
The NPCC said the PDA Government in Nagaland has been caught in a self defeating situation where its feeble explanation defies the very logic of our elected member’s ability to protect the interest of our people. It said the PDA Cabinet decision on CAB is “unforgivable and any sensible PDA legislator must resign in protest if they have any concern left for the people.”
The NPCC said it had earlier made its stand clear that CAB be scrapped in total since it is highly polarizing and dangerous for small state like Nagaland where unabated influx of migrants especially in Dimapur and other foothill areas threatens the demography of the State.
The Congress pointed out that the AGP in Assam have parted ways with BJP due to CAB, NPP is threatening to kick BJP out in Meghalaya, MNF in Mizoram is all out against CAB and BJP Government in Manipur has passed resolution urging exemption of Manipur from CAB implementation.
“Whereas, the knee jerk reaction of the PDA government and the deafening silence of BJP party and its legislators is an added insult to the collective conscience of the people,” it stated.
Maintaining that the PDA Government has totally lost confidence of the people as was evident from empty grounds during Republic Day celebrations, the Congress reiterated its stand with the people of Nagaland in totally opposing the communal CAB and stated that it will not allow BJP to roughshod over the interest of the people.
Extending solidarity with the NSF and ENSF and all their federating units for being in the forefront against CAB, the NPCC appealed to all right thinking citizens cutting across political party affiliations to voice out in total unison and prevent this dangerous communal bill that is tearing apart peaceful coexistence in societies across North East by BJP for furthering the agenda of Hindutva forces. (Page News Service)