Wednesday, November 25, 2020
North East

Emergency-like atmosphere in country: Forum Against CAB

GUWAHATI, JULY 13: The Forum Against Citizenship Amendment Bill on Friday alleged that an undeclared Emergency-like atmosphere is prevailing in the country where rational voices and democratic protests are being totally ignored.
Forum members said that a considerable number of people are skeptical about the accuracy and sanctity of the process of upgrading the National Register of Citizens in Assam.
“All sections of people had expressed satisfaction when NRC work started in Assam. But, in the past 5 years, it has been seen that the ruling party is trying to defeat the purpose of the NRC by creating various obstacles in the process. Through the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the Government is trying to supersede the Assam Accord. The entire exercise of the NRC update would have no meaning if the Bill is enacted,” said a statement from the forum.
The forum also criticised the Government for procedural lapses in the NRC work.
“Rational arguments and balanced views have no takers in this Government. The Assam Tribune Group, which avoids sensationalism while presenting news, was targeted by stopping Government ads, because it opposed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. Though the ruling BJP slams the Congress for implementing Emergency in the country, it is gradually bringing in an undeclared emergency here,” the forum members said.(Courtesy: AT)