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Embrace peace and unity: Naga Hoho

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, APRIL 11: The Naga Hoho has appealed to Naga people to embrace peace and unity, setting aside differences and fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
In the light of current environment of “broken society”, the Naga Hoho recognized the urgency of addressing the situation and emphasized that distrust and mutual suspicion, is never the solution.
The diverse opinions, demands and issues within the Naga tribes should be approached through peaceful means, fostering dialogue and understanding among all sections of society, it stated
The Naga Hoho firmly believe that through peaceful means, we can address differences, find common ground and build a harmonious society.
Stating that the organization has been actively engaged in fostering understanding, dialogue and reconciliation, striving to create an atmosphere where diverse communities can coexist in harmony, the Hoho said to find peace, brotherhood and unity must be the cornerstone.
“Only when we work together can we achieve our goal for peace. Durable solutions emanate from people who work together. This is not for us; this is for our children and the generations to come. This is the time to talk to each other, not about each other or against each other”, it said in a press release.
The Hoho further said the road to recovery and sustainable peace remain long and winding, as “we continue to face the challenges of
trust deficit within our communities, exacerbated by repeated attempt by our enemy to dismantle the social fabric of the Naga communities and torn us apart as a result of decades of violent, disunity, killing, conflicts, these require us to think out of the box and solidify our convergence approach to inclusive development.”
“We are still recovering from lost opportunities, eradicating prejudices and discrimination within our family and between our people, cultures and denomination so that we can foster healing and reconciliation”, it added.
The Naga Hoho said the present Naga situation requires each bona fide Naga tribal bodies to overcome personal interests and find common grounds for collaboration.
The Naga Hoho further appealed to the Naga People and various Naga Political groups to come together and work for common solution that is honourable and acceptable to all sections of the Naga society and also to maintain unity and brotherhood so as to resolve the protracted Naga Political issue with the Government of India.
It appealed to the Government of India to understand and resolve the decades’ old issue considering the sentiments and aspirations of the Nagas.
The Naga Hoho also appealed to Government of India to initiate talk with the Government of Mynamar in order to bring Nagas living in India and Mynmar together.
The Hoho appealed to all Nagas on the need for communal harmony amongst the various Naga tribes and communities, leaving aside differences and misunderstandings and to embrace one another, forgiving each other in the name of the Almighty God for the sake of our children and for posterity.
It further appealed to the Government to promote inclusive development so that no one is left behind, work towards building social cohesion, inter-tribal unity and promote justice, tolerance and understanding towards healing, reconciliation and national unity.
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