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Education quality in Catholic schools better than many Govt. & private schools: CS

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KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 20: Nagaland Chief Secretary J Alam today said that the immense contribution of Catholic schools in the education sector in Nagaland cannot be ignored as the quality of education in these schools is much better than many Government and private schools.
Addressing the golden jubilee celebration of Don Bosco, Kohima, Alam said “when it comes to school education, the immense contribution of catholic schools cannot be ignored”.

Quality of education in these schools is much better than many Government and other private schools, he said adding that it is matter of great pride that, in this noble endeavor, the Don Bosco fraternity is also making an immense contribution to humanity by running more than 3000 institutions worldwide.
In Nagaland, 6 Don Bosco Schools are imparting quality education to thousands of students irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, faith or religion, he said.
In general, he said Nagaland has 2706 schools out which 1961 are Government schools with 1.66 lakh students and 745 private schools with 2.78 lakh students.
Private schools are attracting more than 62% of the total enrolled school going children in Nagaland with schools run by faith based organizations and charities having a substantial share, he said.
Expressing that quality of education is a major concern, the Chief Secretary asserted that the State Government is taking several important steps to improve the quality of education in Government schools.
An important intervention is the implementation of a World Bank assisted project to develop Lighthouse schools in different clusters that will become a model for other schools to follow.

In terms of technology also, a large number of schools are being provided with e-classrooms and good quality labs to improve quality, he said.
A school is built not only by bricks and mortar but it is also built by the students and teachers who make it into a thriving institution, he said.
A school is often called a temple of education because it has the sacred mission to provide the greatest avenues for fulfilment of the potential of each student and to inculcate right values in her so that they become productive citizens and contribute to the overall development of their communities, societies nations and the humanity at large, he said.
Alam also complemented the school management, the teachers and staff of Don Bosco, Kohima, for imparting quality education to thousands of young students over the last 50 years.
Expressing that golden jubilee is also a time to reflect on where we need to go from here, he said it is also a unique opportunity to introspect particularly at a time when a new National Education Policy has come into effect which aims at a paradigm shift in the way we impart and manage education in India.
He said teaching and learning is a lifelong process, adding that the teaching fraternity has to play a role of a facilitator, a counsellor, a friend, a parent and many more.

Technology is moving fast and in the next decade, it is quite possible that many of the basic functions performed by human beings today will be taken over by machines, he said.
Therefore, students have to have the right life skills to survive in the rapidly changing technological world, he said.
The onus is on the institutions, especially on the teachers, to prepare their students in a way that they are globally relevant, have the right life skills and yet are sensitive to the needs of the society they inhabit, he said.
The Chief Secretary also said that the recent experience with COVID-19 Pandemic has also shown that we must adapt to ever evolving education technology and that only traditional teaching will not suffice.
Encouraging the students, Alam asked them to make the best use of it. Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular – all activities are important. They help you to develop a well rounded personality, he said.
While discipline is important, it is equally important to develop a curious mind and the faculties of critical thinking that foster a spirit of enquiry as these traits when nurtured in the right way produce, scientists, innovators, leaders and agents of change, he said.
The Chief Secretary also unveiled the jubilee monolith.

‘Guiding and molding young individuals to live up to their full potential’
Sharing greetings, golden jubilee organizing committee chairman KD Vizo said that the students, alumni, teachers and well-wishers came together to celebrate the life and teaching of Don Bosco and the contribution of Don Bosco, Kohima, for bringing all round development for the benefit of both the young and old alike.
“Don Bosco is one of the oldest institutes in our land and it has touched many lives over the last 50 years and I am sure we all will value and carry this legacy forward”, Vizo said.
He said that institutions like Don Bosco, Kohima, play a critical role in guiding and moulding young individuals to live up to their full potential.
During the foundational stage of life, he said it is important to build good qualities and skills like hard work, knowledge, patience, empathy, self-reliance, self-confidence, communication skill and above all we must all remember that good morals has not changed no matter whatever is the era.
In fact, developing self-discipline and instilling the habit of hard work is imperative for one’s success as it is way too easy to get distracted and lost in the rapid waves of changing lifestyle and refining one’s ability to differentiate signal from noise is a must, he said.
There may be a plethora of tools, resources, and opportunities but only those who are prepared and consciously seeking to leverage them will truly reap the benefit, he said.

During this Golden Jubilee year, instead of merely following the current trends, let us try to develop a mindset to approach new things by boiling it down to the fundamental truths and start reasoning to see if something really makes sense from the wonderful life and teachings of Don Bosco, Vizo said.
In the last 50 years, he said that Don Bosco, Kohima, has imparted holistic education and instilled qualities and life skills to develop many individuals who have accomplished great things in their respective fields.
Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Diocese Kohima, Fr. Dr. Jose Kuruvachira, SDB, Provincial of Salesian Province of Dimapur, Fr. CP Mathew, SDB and Helievi-o Solo, Chairman Kohima Village Council also delivered short speech at the grand finale session. Dr. Kezha (1980 batch) shared reminiscence. Welcome address was delivered by Fr. Suresh Innocent SDB while vote of thanks was proposed by Fr. TP James, SDB, Principal, Don Bosco, Kohima.
Later, Abu Metha, Advisor to Chief Minister Nagaland graced Bosconian Nite as guest of honour.
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