Saturday, April 17, 2021

Eco friendly banana fibre products on sale at Kisama

Dimapur, December 3: The Bamboo Pavilion at Kisama consists of 117 stalls displaying all ‘Made in Nagaland’ products by local entrepreneurs. One such stall M/s Amity Banana Fiber & Allied Products is selling eco friendly and organic product such as baskets, dusters, coasters, bags, vermicompost and decorative pieces made from banana fibre. The stall is being displayed for the first time at Hornbill Festival.
Imlimenla Jamir, promoter of M/s Amity Banana Fiber & Allied Products is actively involved in micro scale industry unit for the last several years. Banana Fiber Project is a process extracting fibre from banana tree which is a waste material after harvesting the banana. Particularly in Nagaland huge farm of wild banana tree are wasted without any economical use as people are not aware of the value and utilities. So far the company has given employment to six local youths.
Banana fibre has tensile strength 2.07 times stronger than jute. Banana fibre products have vast market in countries like USA and European countries.
By encouraging this natural valuable plant it produces various entrepreneurship activities with many employment opportunities. (Page News Service)