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Echo sages; forge closer ties with people: Dr. SC Jamir advises Press

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 16: Former Chief Minister of Nagaland, Padma Bhushan Dr SC Jamir today called upon the media to forge closer relationship with the people by focusing attention on the welfare of the common men instead of only on political personalities.

Highlight the plight of the common men, don’t focus only on political personalities, was his advice to the press community in Dimapur on the occasion of National Press Day today.
When the press is doing justice, when they can really speak up on behalf of the downtrodden, why should we be afraid of the press, he said while touching on today’s theme “Who is not afraid of the media?”.
Dr Jamir reminded that the idea of the right to information has become paramount in the society but they are subject to certain code of conduct. The information you disseminate should be comprehensive, accurate and fair, he said.
“There are very important restrictions in our constitution and that is security, decency, and morality. There are areas where we cannot go beyond. We are all living in democracy and as we know democracy entail the policing of rights and privileges with reference to your duties and responsibilities. In democracy we are free but our privileges, our rights have to be matched with our obligations and our responsibility and that is the beauty of the fundamental rights provided in the Constitution of India.”

“Be the echo of sages, reformers, rather than of turbulent cynics,” he advised while calling upon the press to be the messengers of truthfulness, the messengers of reality and the messengers of unity among others as in all men.
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