EAC Chumukedima directs for social work along NH-29 to prevent dengue

Dimapur, August 24: With the outbreak of Dengue, especially in the areas along National Highway 29, EAC Chumukedima said that if left unattended, the outbreak is anticipated to continue and spread further causing increased risk detrimental to the public health and safety.
In this regard, the EAC has issued an order directing mass social work at the colony/khels level in all villages along the National Highway 29 from Sovima/Sodzulhou to Tenyiphe/7th Milde Model village till September 30.
All residents have been asked to clean their own colony/khels and take necessary measures to address both man-made and natural mosquito breeding sites.
The EAC said there would be weekly individual house/compound level social work in all the villages along the NH-29 from Sovima/Sodzulhou to Tenyiphe/7th Mile Model village till September 30. All residents have been asked to clean their own house/compound and take necessary measures to remove/destroy/sanitize mosquito breeding sites such as wells, unused tyres, drums, flower pots/vase, tanks, solid wastes etc.
During the social works, emphasis would be given to removal of man-made/natural mosquito breeding sites, cleaning of clogged drains, emptying/covering of domestic water storage containers and other measures for destruction of mosquito breeding habitats.
All villages would prepare and execute weekly social work plan and submit the plan to the Office of EAC Chumukedima without any delay.
The village authorities have been asked to activate the participants of TOT held at Sovima village and utilize their services during the conduct of the social works.
All residents have been requested to cooperate with the village authorities and execute the social works as per the village social work plans for their own safety as well as for the safety of the neighbourhood.
(Page News Service)