Thursday, January 21, 2021

EA organizes training for women street vendors

women vendors

Dimapur, March 27: The Entrepreneurs Associates organised a workshop on “Uplifting women street vendors – Dimapur Chapter” on Tuesday at its training centre, Darogapathar. Some 30 women vendors attended the training.
Encouraging the vendors to believe in the importance of their profession, Neikule Doulo, Master Franchisee, Aloha Mental Arithmetic, shared that there are over 10 million street vendors in India. She emphasised that vendors need to take their work seriously and give serious consideration to how they can expand and grow. Acknowledging the difficulties that are related to this profession, she said that they need to save for their future and ensure that they pass on the message of “dignity of labour” even to their children and families, creating rippling changes. Touching upon the subject of ethical business, Neikule stressed that all businesses need to be honest in their dealings so that they can win the trust of people around them and earn regular customers.
Perceiving the need to train them on better customer service to invigorate their businesses, Susan Ela James, Lead Trainer of EA shared some tips about how to win customers. Susan elaborated the need of providing better services which is the only win to make businesses grow. She suggested that a smile can even go a long way to win over people who can then be roped into relationships that can go a long way to gain benefits in the future.
Interactive sessions were led by Temsurenla and Michelle Hesso to facilitate in depth understanding of this segment.
The program was an initiative undertaken by EA to reach out, connect and empower women street vendors across the state of Nagaland. So far similar training sessions have been conducted in Kohima and Pfutsero town.
(Page News Service)