Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Duplicity and arrogance

On recent hike in cess on petroleum products, the Nagaland Chief Secretary made a statement that price of petrol and diesel has been hiked in view of emergence of COVID-19 and the Government termed it in COVID-19 Cess. He further clarified that Cess raised on petroleum products would be used only for the purpose of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
But contradicting his opening contention he harped on a distinct different tone by saying that Nagaland being a salaried economy it become extremely difficult for the Government to run the States affairs. So, levying of cess on petroleum products was another way to augment the state’s coffer.
What a sly mechanism?
In the concluding remark he said “there is no need to make fuss out at the COVID-19 Cess….. If the people don’t want COVID-19 Cess on petroleum products, they could still give it another name and continue to impose it as it is the prerogative of the Government to impose Cess and there will be no roll back.”

Rüdeilhou Angami, Kohima Town