Wednesday, September 22, 2021

DSBC Youth Ministry launches 1st season of SYT

Dimapur, March 2: Dimapur Sümi Baptist Church Youth Ministry has recently launched its 1st season of the SYT i.e., ‘Share Your Talent’ with an main aim keeping in mind about sone of the talented and Inspiring Youths of the Dimapur Sümi Baptist Church.
The project aims to discover and highlight the importance Talents that God has blessed us and to discover and showcase it and inspire the younger generations and upcoming Youths from all walks of life.
The project has been initiated by Vitoli Zhimomi, Associate Youth Pastor, DSBC and Kitoka Zhimomi, Asst. Pastor Youth.
The 1st season of SYT had some wonderful presentations by the 6 Youths of DSBC (Hotolu Yeptho, Khelivi Yeptho, Vilito Zhimomi, Vilivi Awomi, Shohekato Shohe and Mughato Swu) have showcased what God has gifted and blessed them with their unique talents and how they glorify it in their own ways. They have shared how they have struggled in their initial time and how they started with Hard work and dedication and with continous efforts and encouraged the Youths to never give up on your dreams and work on your talents as your talent is from God and use it for purpose and to utilize it to glorify God’s name. The event was hosted by Vishepu Kiho and Daniel Swu. (Page News Service)