Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Dry fish in demand after freeze on import of fresh fish


Dimapur, June 29: Following a freeze on import of fresh fish from outside the State by different district authorities in Nagaland after tests found traces of formalin in fresh fish sold in the market across the State, the demand for dry fish has increased here giving rise to fear of an impending price hike in the rate of dry fish items.
Trade bodies like the
Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) appears to have first smelled something dry-fishy going on, and has taken the lead in warning dry fish retailers from creating any artificial shortage of dry fish in the market by hoarding.
According to DCCI, its grievances cell convener Omega Yeptho along with members had a meeting with dry fish wholesalers and took assurance that price of dry fish will not be increased despite being offseason. Omega also urged the dry fish wholesalers to make dry fish available “as fresh fish is in shortage.”
Informing that dry fish wholesalers on request of DCCI have brought down prices in dry fish items “as a service to the public,” the DCCI cautioned retailers that since the wholesale price has been brought down and fixed, it will strictly monitor the retailing price racketeering “in the pretext of shortage of fresh fish.”
The DCCI also informed consumers to call 7005526728 for any grievances.
Meanwhile, DCCI president Akashe Zhimomi has reminded fish consumers that the business community has stopped the import of fish from outside the State and the freeze on import, and there has been no import or auctioning of fish. However, he cautioned that due to the porous border “some miscreants” could take undue advantage and import fish “for making money”, which could damage the image of the business community. He warned that if anyone is found indulging in such activities strict action will be initiated.
The DCCI also requested the administration and the police to ensure that no such imports are allowed even from neighbouring Assam markets. It also requested the public to be vigilant and report the matter to the competent authority.
The DCCI also clarified that local fish produced within Nagaland does not come under the preview of the ban. (Page News Service)