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Drivers from Meghalaya reign Supreme at the 6th JK Tyre DMSC Autocross 2021 Circuit

Larry Mukhim 1

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Dimapur, March 19:
With top three podium finishes in the SUV (Gypsy) Category and another first place finish in above 1000 CC, drivers from Meghalaya dominated The 6th JK Tyre DMSC (Dimapur Motorsports Club) Autocross 2021, which began on March 18 and concluded on March 19 at the Agri-Expo, Dimapur.

Meghalaya’s Larry Mukhim’s lap time of 01:33:78 on the 1.5 Km track under the SUV( Gypsy) category was adjudged the fastest lap time of the 6th JK Tyre DMSC (Dimapur Motorsports Club) Autocross 2021.
Quizzed about his game-plan toward the event, Mukhim said “I drove very carefully on the first run to set a good lap time with which I can be comfortable and I go all out on the second run.”
Rallying behind Mukhim in the SUV category, Kamalesh Das with a lap time of 01:38:72 claimed the second place and Meeth Tariang had to contend with a third-place finish. All top three finishers in the SUV (Gypsy) category were from Meghalaya.
Kamalesh Das also bagged the first position in above 1000 CC category with a lap time of 01:38:50 and Brandon Wanniang from Meghalaya came in third position in the Rookie category.
Day 2 of the event also witnessed final-run comebacks from Nagaland drivers as Ruokuobeituo Kense with a lap time of 01:38:88 and Bento I Swu with a lap time of 01:41:10 secured the second place and third place respectively in 1000 CC category, despite their failure to finish their run on the first day.
Obeth Shitio from PVMSC, Dimapur came in first place under below 1000 CC, while Tomito V. Shohe with a lap time of 01:46:22 was placed second and Merutuo Kuotsu claimed the third position by clocking 01:47:65
Clocking in 01:43:66, Hokavi Kiba bagged the first position in the Rookie category, Tokavi Holo and Brandon Wanniang were placed second and third with a lap time of 01:44:28 and 01:44:65 respectively.

Kheholi Sema
Kheholi Sema

While the men-drivers failed to top their lap time from the first run, women-drivers from Nagaland, both Kheholi Sema and K. Arenla registered a faster lap time. With a lap time of 02:04:50, Kheholi Sema bagged the first position in the ladies category and K. Arenla clocked in 02:13:75.
Queried on her experience at the event, mother four, Kheholi Sema said “Now that I have taken part in my first motorsports event, I am very enthusiastic about events like this in the coming days.”
“Driving cars has been a passion for me since childhood, and I am fortunate that my husband, the person who introduced me to motorsports and my family support in whatever I want to do,” she added.
Expressing her thoughts on the lack of women participants in events such as motorsports in regard to Nagaland, Kheholi Sema said “Naga people still has that mindset that only men should compete in these kinds of events which should not be the case, women also has to come forward in this matter.”
The 6th JK Tyre DMSC Autocross 2021, was organised by Dimapur Motorsports Club in partnership with JK Tyre and FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club in India).

JK Tyre were also the title sponsor of the event and the officiating team were FMSCI led by Chief Steward of the event, Ravi Agarwal.