Dr Nicky launches EFMS in State

Dr Nicky launches EFMS in State
Newly inducted advisor for RD, Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire, Principal Secretary, RD, Lhoubeilatuo Kire, IFS and officers of RD Department during the interactive session on April 9 at RD Conference Hall.

Kohima, April 9: Advisor for Rural Development, Dr Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire today emphasized on various ways the department can contribute towards uplifting the living standards of the rural people and called upon the RD officers to be sincere and honest while discharging their duties.
Speaking at an officer’s interactive session organized by the RD Department at its conference hall today, Dr Nicky stated that it is the duty of every officer to see that the deserving beneficiaries get the most out of the schemes. He urged the officers to thoroughly check how accurately the CGI sheets and other materials are reaching the rural people. He also mentioned that there will be visitations to various districts and blocks in the coming days and requested the field officers to be diligent in their assignments.
Nicky further advised that all paper works and formalities should be completed and ready beforehand in the event of retirement of any officer so that the next officer can take charge of their duties without delay.
Later, the RD advisor launched the Electronic Fund Management System (EFMS) in the State.
Speaking on the occasion, principal secretary, RD, Lhoubeilatuo Kire, IFS opined that for the state of Nagaland to usher in change, change must first come from the RD department since RD has its roots and linkages with all the villages in the State. “If we can all join together and work together, I am very sure that we can bring a total change in the department and also bring a lot of positive benefits to the rural landscape of the State,” he stated adding this is where their role as an individual officer in the department can play a multiplied effect to the implementing quality.
He also stressed on the importance of the role of BDOs in bringing changes and suggested setting timelines are targets for the department. Towards this end, he sought the cooperation and support of the officers at the block level in implementing flagship programmes which are time bound and require total transparency and accountability.
Mentioning that there are many things RD has committed in the last labour budget meeting, Kire urged them to ensure that the department is put into a proper perspective so that the ministry can also see that the department is pro-active on the commitments given.
He further encouraged that the department of RD can contribute more towards the development of the state while also assuring support from the political as well as administrative level.
The interactive session was chaired by Imnukshila, joint director.
Meanwhile, the department informed that the Nagaland VDB & Village Council Conference 2018 will be held on April 24 at NBCC Convention Centre with chief minister, Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio as the chief guest. (Page News Service)