Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dr Neiphi Kire declares 64th KVSA Meet to a colorful start

Kohima, January 6: The week-long 64th Kohima Village Sports Association (KVSA) meet under the aegis of Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) got to a glittering start tonight at Khuochiezie, Kohima Local Ground.
Declaring the meet open, which will conclude on January 11, Kohima Village Council Chairman Dr Neiphi Kire as chief host of the inaugural function, expounded on the theme of the meet ‘Adielo’, which translated means ‘forgiveness, not to stand against one another or think about the welfare of others’.
He said such approach is the need of the hour to have unity and oneness in the family, society and villages.
Also stating that the Youth Resources and Sports Department of the State has been providing various facilities for overall improvement of the sports in the State, he however said it is not enough only to provide one time awards to the achievers. Nonetheless, he opined that better avenues of coaching facilities, exposure and livelihood should also be provided in order to encourage talented sportsperson to excel and bring laurels at higher level of competitions.
He also wished the four khels to display sporting spirit while participating in the 33 events, which include 24 Athletics, six games and Naga style wrestling.
KVYO president Dzuvinguzo Mepfhuo extended greetings and best wishes on the occasion while Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church Rev Keviyiekielie Linyü invoked God’s blessing.
The colourful opening ceremony amidst display of fireworks was marked drill display, musical extravaganza and traditional act, besides the marching in of the four khels (sectors) of Kohima Village – Pfuchatsumia, Dapfütsumia, Tsuotuonuomia and Lhisemia khels.
Around 350 to 400 sportsperson from four khels will vie for 114 medals including 45 Gold, 45 Silver and 24 Bronze medals in 26 athletics and six games event.
The field and track events (Athletics) will mark the first day of meet at Indira Gandhi Stadium Kohima tomorrow and day after.
About 75 years back, some village elders of Kohima village introduced sports as a means to bring together youths of the four khels of Kohima village in the form of the present KVSA Meet because back then, there was enmity among the khels like restriction of grazing of cattle on each other’s land, restriction of drawing water from each other’s ponds, and restriction on inter-khel socializing, land and property confrontations etc.
Then the first edition of the KVSA Meet was conducted with significant understanding and sense of friendship among the khels.
Initially Naga wrestling played a key role as it was naturally the sport of friendship where two wrestlers who faced each other remained bosom friends for life. Eventually other sports disciplines were also added and the event started growing in the desired manner.
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