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Doyang Bridge: NFHRCC to stand by Dept’s progress report

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Dimapur, February 27: Following contrasting statements from different organizations and elected representatives on the work progress of the Doyang Bridge construction (Foothill Road), the NFHRCC today said it will stand by the progress report given by the concerned Department.

In the physical and financial progress report (as on January 2021) on construction of foothill road connectivity (Construction of RCC Bridge 2 lane over Doyang river near Governor’s camp) on February 3, 2021, the PWD (R&B) Dimapur Division had indicated that physical progress of the work as on January 2021 was 70.66%, while payment made from 24.11.14 to 31.03.16 was Rs 18,77,12,796.46 out of the work order amount of Rs 2828.67 lakhs (financial progress 68.53%).
But in the recently concluded Assembly session, Advisor for IT&C, Science & Technology, NRE, Mmhonlumo Kikon in a statement in the floor of the House stated that he had personally inspected the Doyang Bridge construction and that the completion of work as claimed by the contractor is untrue.
Reacting to the MLA’s statement, the NFHRCC said the MLA’s statement has “totally confused” the committee and the general public and had asked him to clarify to the Naga public as to why the progress given by the concerned Department is untrue. It had also asked the concerned Department to make its position clear on the issue.
But with no clarification coming from any quarter on the status of work progress, the NFHRCC said, “…unless & until the concerned authority admits that the progress given in regards to the Doyang Bridge Construction on February 3rd 2021 is fabricated or untrue, the committee will stand by the progress report given by the Department concerned as it has been duly endorsed by the combine inspection team on February 10, 2021 consisting of the Tribal Hohos, concerned Department, the Contractor Firm and the committee.”
In a press release issued today, the committee said the Nagaland Foothills Road initiated by Naga public in the year 2013 is extra-ordinary in the sense that land owners are not to taking even a penny as land compensation. The NFHRCC also advocated and convinced Naga national workers not to tax any amount on the construction of the Foothills Road; the Department not making any other deduction other than the statutory deduction. The project is neither from the Government nor from the Department concerned, but is a project initiated by the Naga public (CSOs and the hohos), it said.
The committee informed that on the request of the Chief Minister of Nagaland , it had handed over the NOC given by land owners to the CM and accordingly the same was transmitted to the MORTH,GoI. “Consequent upon which the CE and Testing Consultancy Firm based in Kolkota had surveyed and prepared the necessary DPRs and for which the matter had already reached the Prime Minister’s Office(PMO),New Delhi and awaiting for declaration of the Foothills Project to that of Trans Nagaland Expressway.”

Informing that while waiting for the mega project the committee resolved to make the road functional by way of motorable/Jeepable road, it appealed to the State Government to provide requisite fund, and for which the file had already reached the CMO for consideration. It appealed to the CM to provide the necessary funds before the expiry of the working season. (Page News Service)