Friday, March 5, 2021

DOT Talks webinar on legal implications of COVID-19 held

Dimapur, April 28: The third in the DOT Talks Webinar Series on the topic ‘Legal Implications of Covid-19’ was held on April 28 with resource person Dr. Aniruddha Babar, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Tetso College.
The former Assistant Professor of Law and founding member of People’s Law Centre, Mumbai started his presentation by examining the fundamental nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and its social impact. He addressed important issues pertaining to various strategies that the Government of India has developed to tackle the pandemic and also engaged participants in debate on the challenges involved in implementing various strategic responses to COVID-19.
While dealing with the technical aspects of his talk, Dr. Aniruddha gave detailed legal interpretation of Sec. 188, Sec. 269, Sec. 270 and Sec. 271 of Indian Penal Code, also, Sec. 133, Sec. 144 of Criminal Procedure Code and also enlightened participants on various relevant provisions of Epidemic Disease Act, Disaster Management Act, Constitution of India, Essential Services Maintenance Act, Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020 and Essential Commodities Act.
During the question round, while responding to the queries of participants on ‘Right to Privacy’ in the context of COVID-19 he said, “In reference to Right to Privacy, it was held by the Supreme Court that the right to privacy is a part of the right to protection of life and personal liberty.”
He further substantiated his observation with the help of a citation of the case K. Puttaswamy v. Union of India where in court observed that, “…release of personal data has become a privacy concern and has been stated as a gross violation of the legitimate expectation of privacy – a fundamental right.”
Dr. Aniruddha, concluded that the medical data of a person cannot be released in the public domain as it violates her/his fundamental right to privacy and confidentiality.
Moreover, the speaker emphasized on the need for citizens to familiarize themselves with the law of the land stating that “ignorance of law can neither be an excuse nor a valid defense in the court of law.’ Dr. Aniruddha Babar ended his talk with a hope that people would not take law in their hands but educate themselves and support the government to fight with COVID-19 with full strength and determination. (Page News Service)