Thursday, April 22, 2021
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DoSE takes initiatives to reduce school dropouts


Dimapur, August 20: The Department of School Education is taking initiative to reduce the number of dropouts at the Upper Primary level. The Department reasoned that high dropout rates are due to hardships faced by parents in identifying upper primary schools and take fresh admissions.
However, as advised by Ministry of Human Resource Development, the state Education Department has initiated several measures to reduce the dropout rate.
According to Director of School Education, Wonthungo Tsopoe, the SDEOs would identify the feeder Government Primary Schools of each Government Middle School under their jurisdiction and they would notify the list of GMSs and the feeder GPSs.
All Head Teachers & Teacher-in-Charges would be instructed that all qualified Class V students from the feeder schools should be automatically admitted to Class VI of the respective GMS under whose jurisdiction the feeder schools falls.
The Teacher-in-Charges of the GPSs would submit the required documents such as PCR of the qualified Class V students to the Head Teacher of the GMS where the students will be automatically admitted.
No GMS would deny admission to the qualified Class V students coming from the feeder GPSs.
The Teacher-in-Charges would inform the parents about the GMS where their children are being automatically admitted to Class VI.
The SDEOs would call all the Teacher-in-Charges, Head Teachers and Class Teachers of Classes V and VI under their jurisdiction for a meeting and  explain the provisions. Further, they would explain the steps to be undertaken by Class Teachers and School Heads.
All Class V Class Teachers would visit the residences of those Class V qualified students who are not joining Class VI and would encourage them to continue studies. They would supervise the transition of students from Class V to VI and remove all the hurdles in the process.
The Teacher-in-Charges would prepare a list of students who have passed out Class V but have not joined Class VI in spite of all the above efforts and submit to the SDEOs.
The SDEOs would discuss about the issue with the respective Deputy Commissioners, District Education Officers and the Director of School Education for indentifying the further course of action that can taken to encourage the students to rejoin in Class VI.
As per the MHRD advisory, the Deputy Commissioners are responsible for ensuring automatic admission of all qualified class V students in an Upper Primary School. Therefore, all the SDEOs would work in close association with the District Administration in this regard.
Similar measures would be adapted by the District Education Officers for increasing the Transition Rate from Class VIII to Class IX. (Page News Service)