DoSE notify guidelines for tribal literature board


Dimapur, August 28: The Department of School Education has notified that some tribal literature board/committee is running its office without taking extension or permission from the Department of School Education.
In a notification, the DoSE directed all tribal literature board/committee as the case to follow the following guidelines:
Every Tribal Literature Board/ Committee should seek permission from the Director of School Education without which it shall be treated as non-functioning, and the tenure of respective Tribal Literature Board/ Committee will be five years unless dissolved before expiry of its tenure.
The respective Tribal Literature Board/Committee shall constitute its members every five years or may continue with same team/members nominated and submit the list of members along with extension request letter prior to the expiry of its tenure.
The Tribal Literature Board/ Committee shall nominate not less than ten members with the following condition: Qualified and well versed in their own language or languages; member from linguistic background; member from medical background; member from music background; member from Agri and Allied or Forestry background; member from theological background and Language Officer and Assistant Language Officer, Directorate of School Education as an ex-officio member. The Tribal Literature Board/ Committee shall enclose the constituted members showing their respective bio data in a separate list at the time of seeking permission or at the time of extension of its tenure. The notification informed that any Tribal Literature Board/ Committee functioning without permission may also seek formal permission/extension within a month of their establishment, failing which they may be treated as dissolved or non-functioning. (Page News Service)