Monday, April 12, 2021
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Don’t soft pedal Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: NTC


Asks PDA Govt to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to Bill

Dimapur, January 9: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has questioned the PDA Government in Nagaland of soft pedalling with the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 and asked whether PDA has decided to mortgage Nagaland at the expense of its indigenous citizens for its own comfort.
In a press statement, the NTC wanted to know what has made PDA so indecisive and timid to call a spade a spade in the face of Nagaland’s survival being threatened by the Bill.
“Whether PDA fails to understand the purpose and the language of the Bill? Whether PDA underestimates the ramifications of the Bill? Whether PDA has that policy of accepting whatever is passed onto the State by GOI be it good or bad? Whether PDA has decided to mortgage Nagaland at the expense of its indigenous citizens for its own comfort?”
The NTC also expressed shock at how the State Cabinet has resolved on the Bill as highlighted in the media. “Even the vocabulary such as ‘previous’ is used to denote our protective laws as BEFR of 1873 and Art 371(A) implying as though such laws remained obsolete, whereas those laws are indeed existing and prevailing. Will the Union Govt. pay heed to the resolution so adopted by State’s Cabinet for ‘review’ of the Bill? At this very juncture, the middle path posture is a misnomer as the need of the hour is yes or no,” it stated.
Stating that the lukewarm decision of the State Cabinet has isolated itself from those States in NE in particular who out rightly opposed the Bill and Nagaland is therefore eventually left friendless and voiceless, the NTC reminded that the PDA Government had already decided not to oppose the Bill on 5th June, 2018 and this decision was upheld with the excuses that all political party meeting is to be convened ‘to examine the issue’ when the Bill is already on its way in the Parliament after clearances from the JPC and the Union Cabinet.
“Such exercise is therefore much behind the time and irrelevant. What is the determination of PDA in protecting the settlement of illegal people in Nagaland at the cost of the future of the sons of the soil? What is the wisdom of PDA to resist the eminent flood of influx of outsiders into Nagaland using ILP and Art 371(A) under the enforcement of the Citizenship Bill when its Govt. has been dragging its feet even to extent the ILP coverage to Dimapur District and to establish a strong mechanism to check illegal influx,” it asked.
Claiming that the BJP is determined to create passage for those Hindus, in particular living in few neighbouring countries, to come and settle in India under the garb of the proposed law, the NTC said since BJP has comfortable majority in Lok Sabha, the Bill could passed just as it has bulldozed through JPC. It said the Bill once enacted by both the houses will have far reaching consequences on weaker States particularly in NE, and Nagaland will be the victim merely due to the indifference attitude of the Government.
The NTC strongly urged the Government to come out clear on its policy and programme to tackle the impending threats of the day. The NTC also extended support to the democratic action of rejection of the controversial Bill so initiated by NESO and other like minded organisations. (Page News Service)